Open Day: Technical Information

Here you will find information about details and quirks of the user interface for browsing the student's presentations.

If you are a student looking for information how to setup your presentation then please go here.

Use Chrome if you can

At least Firefox has issues with printing and responsiveness during loading of the grid previews. Things are much snappier in Chrome/Chromium!

Use the Filter Panel

Logged in users will see a filter panel on top of the grid layout. You can use it to limit the number of shown presentations so that you find more easily what you are looking for.

Also, check out the Quick Search feature.

Long Page Loading Time

I am not happy with the long loading times of the overview grids. This is due to the performance of the heanet media server.

For the moment, you have to be patient whenever more than 30 presentations are listed. However the filter panel including the light blue search input usually work already during loading. The page has fully loaded when hovering over the search input will pop up the black tooltip.

I am in consultation with the technical staff at heanet to improve this before the Open Day. Additionally, I have tried all manageable tricks I could think of to minimise re-rendering.


It turns out this is a Firefox issue. I now strongly recommend to use this page with Chrome/Chromium.

Starred Projects

You can toggle the starred property of a presentation at the top right of its single view page. This is exactly the same feature as found on single project view pages. If the overview grid is shown in another browser tab then you have to reload the grid view to update the stars (I love stateless APIs).

Quality of Video Playback

If you jump forward or backward in a video stream then the bitrate will drop and the picture will become blurred. However, this will settle soon and the automatically assigned (fairly high) bitrate will return.

If you are impatient then use the little gears icon at the right side of the playback controls to adjust the bitrate manually.