Open Day: Info for Guests

General Information

The Open Day takes place on April 14. The will be session in the afternoon where our guest can discuss their projects with our guests.

Browsing Presentations

You can browse the student's video presentations and written abstracts about a week ahead of the Open Day, possibly from April 7 on. Use the Open Day menu on this website to do so.

Initial Project Descriptions

The buttons with the label More bring up the written abstracts. On that page there are various buttons linked to further information about the project. The initial task setting, however, is not always shown since not all supervisors have made these descriptions publicly available.

Meeting the Students

We have reserved the Open Day afternoon session (from 2pm) for you to to virtually meet our to students. You are most welcome to do so. Each project student has their own dedicated MS Teams room.

However, to access the MS Teams rooms you must navigate there from a cryptographically signed link. This is necessary to prevent zoom bombing and other pranks. We will email you this link well in advance and please feel free to contact us if you lost this link (but please keep that link private).

All other function can always be accessed from our project page