About FDAT

FDAT - Frank's Departmental Administration Tools

I dislike paper based offices with word processors, printed documents, forms being emailed around and so on. I believe that administrative tasks can be handled more orderly and more efficiently online.

This website is an attempt of doing so. Currently, the only thing which can be done with it is the administration and bookkeeping of student projects. However I will continue adding more functions and improve existing ones depending on necessity and on how much time I have free for development (I embrace the DevOps culture!).

User Interface

I think the interface is straightforward enough so that it can be used without a detailed user manual.

However, in some places the business logic is a bit more complex than it seems. As a result, certain things might be disabled at certain stages to avoid conflicts for less obvious reasons. But the corresponding button or menu item might still be shown and clickable. When in doubt, just click it and watch what happens. I believe it is better to throw a descriptive warning message than greying out a button and let the user scratch their head why.

Below is a quick outline of how supervisors and project students should use this site during the FYP phase of the curriculum.

Account Creation

Academics who supervise projects as well as students need to create an account. Students must also enter their student ID number under My Account -> Account Details. Also on this tab, select the topic tags you are interested in. CK404 FYP students should probably just select BSc. You can change this choice any time.

Every user should enable at least one tag.

You are also welcome to enter a personal introduction and to set up an avatar but neither of these is required.

Publication of Project Proposals

This is mainly meant for supervisors. Most students will select a project that was proposed by a lecturer. However, students can also publish their own project ideas if they wish. This option is usually taken by a few students who have already a very good idea for a potential FYP. But project proposals from students do not necessarily mature into real undertaken projects (for multiple reasons, such as assessment, difficulty level, project topic etc).

Project Selection

Students should browse the offered projects and communicate with potential supervisors if they are interested in a certain project. This exchange usually takes place in form of emails and personal appointments with that lecturer. Before you inquire about a certain project, make sure it is of the correct type and not already taken.

During this phase the lecturer might modify the initial proposal. When both sides agree, the lecturer will assign the student.

There will be a strict deadline by which all students must have selected their personal FYP.


Depending on the type of the project, the student(s) might be required to hand in progress reports or similar deliverables. This can be handled electronically via this site. Feedback, grading (where applicable), deadlines etc can all be administrated by users with the appropriate permissions.