Electronic Document Submissions

Electronic Deliverables

Here you will find technical information about how FDAT handles document hand ups from project students. The particular details, marking arrangements etc of such deliverables are the responsibility of the corresponding project module coordinators.

Deliverable Requests

Deliverable requests are defined per project type (aka degree programme). For each deliverable there is a hard deadline. It is not possible to hand up a document after this deadline has passed.

Uploading a Document

Only students who are assigned to a project can upload documents. Logically speaking, uploaded documents are attached to the corresponding project. You can manage your existing deliverables from Deliverables->My Deliverables (a more logical choice would be the dashboard but I had my reasons..).

To upload a requested document

  1. Prepare your document as single self contained file. Please avoid proprietary or platform specific file formats. PDF is recommended. Make sure the file name has the correct extension. The name itself does not matter (the system assignes its own names).
  2. Log in to FDAT. Navigate to the single view of your project (i.e. click on the project card or on the Working on.. link).
  3. Click the pink button button labelled Upload a requested deliverable.
  4. You will now see a form for file submission. Please read everything before clicking the upload button.

Administrative Details and Restrictions

  • Documents can only be uploaded for the current open request, if any. This means if you try to upload a file after its deadline has passed, you will either see the upload form for the next deliverable (if any) or none at all. Please be aware of this!
  • Students can re-submit. For example, after reading comments from the supervisor you may wish (or be asked) to re-submit. Re-submissions will overwrite the previous file upload. There is no limit to the number of re-submissions.
  • You cannot re-submit after the deadline or after the examiner has set a final mark on the deliverable.
  • The relevant examiners can mark and comment on file submissions. Marks are always numerical out of 100. It is currently not possible to configure a deliverable request for pass/fail marking. Therefore, a numerical mark must always be given. Pass/fail marking is simulated by marking above or below the specified pass mark.
  • Supervisors and second readers (if assigned) will receive automatic email notifications when their students have uploaded files.
  • Students will receive automatic email notifications when their examiners have marked or commented on their deliverables.

Deletion of Uploaded Files

Examiners can delete documents which were uploaded by their students. For instance, documents attached to a project must be deleted in the following circumstances:

  • before the project can be deleted from the system
  • before making changes to the students who undertake the project
  • before the visibility of the project can be set back to private
  • if a supervisor wants to allow for re-submission of a document which has already received a final mark

There are informative error messages if you try to side step this logic. Files will never get automatically deleted (I dislike side effects in business logic).

Project Module Coordinators

I haven't found the time to write an admin interface for the configuration of deliverable requests. However, deliverable requests can be configured via a simple straightforward JSON file. Contact me if you want to use FDAT for document submissions by your project students.