Accesss to Teams Room Hidden

The link you followed should have taken you directly to one of the MS Teams room which we have set up for the Open Day. In the interest of a lively experience there is no waiting lobby or similar barrier and therefore we have to be a little bit prudent.

You just landed on this page for at least one of the following reasons:

Wrong date or time

The Teams rooms will only be open on the Open Day itself and only during specific time slots.

Not logged in

If you are a student or lecturer with an account on then you must be logged in. This will also enable some other features of the Open Day presentation system.

Access from a public URL or navigation menu

If you are a guest then you must start your browsing from a "secret" cryptographically signed link. We will email you this signed link well in advance. This is necessary in order to prevent anonymous Zoom bombing or similar pranks. Please don't hesitate to contact Frank Boehme if you lost this signed link.

We appreciate your interest in the Open Day and you are very welcome!